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2010/01/12 Class Content

Quiz 18
  1. 在如此嚴寒的早晨,你怎麼能起得這麼早?
    In a such chilly morning, how could you get up so early?
  2. 你為何選這門課?想得高分嗎?
    Why do you take this course? Do you want to get high grade, don't you?
  1. When the going gets tough, 環境越艱困
    the tough gets going. 硬漢越吃香
    the going, 環境
    the tough, 勇敢的人
  2. Who can realize how a man explains why she went to a city
    where she didn't know what she wanted to buy with the money
    which she had earned when she was young?