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2009/12/22 Class Content

  1. 問候語, How's going?
    可回覆 great, fantasity...etc.
  2. 津波(海嘯), tsu na mi
  3. Whe should treasure what God offers us.
    Whe should treasure what we have wihch was(has been) given by God.
  4. Law, 定理 (或用 Theorem)
    Principle, 原則
    Theory, 理論
    Snell's law is based on(the) least time principle.
  5. His contribution in this field is priceless.
    priceless, 無價
  6. What your advisor(adviser) assigned(assignes) you should be done well.
  7. Why does my heart go on beating?
    Why do these eye of mine cry