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2010/01/05 Class Content

approach, 接近
reach, 到達
unreachable, 摸索不到
the unreachable star
  1. What's up?
  2. 0 and 1
    quiet v.s. noise
    frequence range: 0 ~ ∞
  • A large spider in an old house built a beautiful web in which to catch flies.
  • Every time a fly landed on the web and was entangled in it,
  • the spider clevoured him, so that when another fly came along,
  • he would thinkk that the web was a safe and quiet place in which to rest.
  • One day, a fairly intelligent fly buzzed around above the web so long
  • without
  • lighting that the spider appeared and said, "come on down!"
  • But the fly was too clever for him and said, "I never light where I don't see other flies, and I don't see any other flies in your house."
  • So he flew away until he came to a place where were a great many other flies.
  • He was about to settle down among them when a bee buzzed up and said, "Hold it! Stupid!
  • That's flypaper! All those flies were trapped!"
  • "Don't be silly," said the fly, "they are dancing."
  • So he settled down and became stuck to the flypaper with all the other flies.