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2010/01/13 Class Content

  1. man eating fish
  2. man eaten
  3. be good at, 精通於
    It is easy to learn engineering english and it is hard to good at engineering mathermatics

2010/01/12 Class Content

Quiz 18
  1. 在如此嚴寒的早晨,你怎麼能起得這麼早?
    In a such chilly morning, how could you get up so early?
  2. 你為何選這門課?想得高分嗎?
    Why do you take this course? Do you want to get high grade, don't you?
  1. When the going gets tough, 環境越艱困
    the tough gets going. 硬漢越吃香
    the going, 環境
    the tough, 勇敢的人
  2. Who can realize how a man explains why she went to a city
    where she didn't know what she wanted to buy with the money
    which she had earned when she was young?

2010/01/06 Class Content

Quiz 17
  1. 每次我看到她,我都會認為她恍若下凡仙女
    Every time I saw her, I would think that she were a fairy whom God sent to this world.
  2. 吃東西時,切勿狼吞虎嚥
    Don't devour your food when(while) eating.
  1. 6 W 1 H
    who, when, where, what, which, why, how
  2. 我沒有筆寫
    I don't have a pen to write with.
    I don't have teeth to eat with.
  3. Nobody knows who he is, when he came here,
    where he is from, what he is,
    which way he chooses,
    why he came here and
    how important he is compound sentence.
    合句, compound sentence
    複句(句中有句), complex sentecne

  4. I know that the fish knows that I know that he is happy.

Homework #13
  1. Write a complex sentence with 6W1H
  2. A fairly intelligent fly, 寫一遍英文和中文翻譯

2010/01/05 Class Content

approach, 接近
reach, 到達
unreachable, 摸索不到
the unreachable star
  1. What's up?
  2. 0 and 1
    quiet v.s. noise
    frequence range: 0 ~ ∞
  • A large spider in an old house built a beautiful web in which to catch flies.
  • Every time a fly landed on the web and was entangled in it,
  • the spider clevoured him, so that when another fly came along,
  • he would thinkk that the web was a safe and quiet place in which to rest.
  • One day, a fairly intelligent fly buzzed around above the web so long
  • without
  • lighting that the spider appeared and said, "come on down!"
  • But the fly was too clever for him and said, "I never light where I don't see other flies, and I don't see any other flies in your house."
  • So he flew away until he came to a place where were a great many other flies.
  • He was about to settle down among them when a bee buzzed up and said, "Hold it! Stupid!
  • That's flypaper! All those flies were trapped!"
  • "Don't be silly," said the fly, "they are dancing."
  • So he settled down and became stuck to the flypaper with all the other flies.

2009/12/30 Class Content

Quiz 16
  1. 這位指導教授有廾個研究生,那位任他助教的研究生將於明年畢業
    The advisor has twenty graduate students. The graduate student who is his assistant will graduate next year.
  2. 你的錢可能被偷,但無人能搶走你的知識
    Your money might be stolen, but nobody can rob you of your knowledge.
Knowledge is knowing a fact,
wisdom is knowing how to use that fact.

2010 = twenty-ten = tw thound and ten
  1. Hard work will give you power;
    being lazy will make you slave.
    Proverb 12:24
  2. Your joy is your own; your bitterness
    is your own. No one can share them with you.
  3. It is your own face that you see reflected in the water. It is your ownself that you see in your heart.
  4. A family without children is like a house without furniture.
Homework #12
寫 "The end of the world"的中英文歌詞
Ref: The end of the world

2009/12/29 Class Content

Chile, 智利
yawn, 打哈欠
stretch, 伸懶腰
  1. A lazy man will never have money but an aggressive man will get rich.
  2. Worry can rob you of happiness,
    but kind words will cheer you.
  3. restrictive(限制) and non restrictive(非限制)
    1. Mr. Wang who is my advisor gave me the homework assignment.
      句中無 comma (逗點) => 不只一位 Mr. Wang
    2. Mr. Wang, who is my advisor, gave me the homework assignment.
      句中有 comma (逗點) => 只有一位 Mr. Wang
      例句:My wife, who is now living in Hawaii, gave birth to a boy last night.


    2009/12/23 Class Content

    Quiz 15
    1. 冬至是12月2日,當天晝最短夜最長
      Winter solstice is on December twenty second, durning which the day is (the) shortest and the night (is the) longest.
    2. 一個沒有陽光的春天猶如一個沒有熱心的戀人
      A Spring without sunshine is like a lover without a worm heart.
    1. solstice, 至, 冬至
    2. during
    3. 神經系統處於高度和諧狀態
      the state of great harmony of the nerve system
      the highly harmornic state of the nerve system
    4. Silent night, Holy night
      All is calm, All is bright
      Round yon(der) Virgin Mother and child.
      Holy Infant so tender and mild
      Sleep in heavenly peace
    5. Like the dew on the mountain
      Like the foam on the fountain
      Like the bubble on the river
      She is (Thou are) gone forever and forever.
    6. The End of the world

      Why does the sun go on shining?
      Why does the sea rush to shore?
      Don't they know it's the end of the world?
      Cause you don't love me anymore.

      Why does the bird go on singing
      Why do the stars glow above?
      Don't they know it's the end of the world?
      It ended when I lost your love.

      I woke up in the morning
      and I wonder how everything's the same as it was.
      I can't understand, no I can't understand
      How life goes on the way it does.

      Why does my heart go on beating?
      Why do there eyes of mine cry?
      Don't they know it's the end of the world?
      It ended when I lost your love.
    Homework 11
    以 with / without 造句,各 2 句,類似 Quiz 15 的第二題

    2009/12/22 Class Content

    1. 問候語, How's going?
      可回覆 great, fantasity...etc.
    2. 津波(海嘯), tsu na mi
    3. Whe should treasure what God offers us.
      Whe should treasure what we have wihch was(has been) given by God.
    4. Law, 定理 (或用 Theorem)
      Principle, 原則
      Theory, 理論
      Snell's law is based on(the) least time principle.
    5. His contribution in this field is priceless.
      priceless, 無價
    6. What your advisor(adviser) assigned(assignes) you should be done well.
    7. Why does my heart go on beating?
      Why do these eye of mine cry

    2009/12/16 Class Content

    Quiz 14
    1. 他被認為是我們班上最用功的學生
      He is regarded as the best diligent student in our class.
    2. 這個工作得以不做
      This work does not have to be done.
    1. A person's word can be a source of wisdom, deep as the ocean and fresh as a flowing stream.
    2. (Light traveling from A to B ) needs two seconds.
      ( )內為主詞
    3. River Road(戀故鄉)
      River Road, River Road winding to the sea.
      That's the road leading to home
      where I long to be.
      Long to see folks I knew, friends of long ago.
      Long to sit by my door in the sunset glow.
      River Road, River Road winding to the sea.
      Lead the way take me home where I long to be...
      long to, 渴望
    Homework #10
    寫滿一張 A4,不要寫歌詞

    2009/12/09 Class Content

    Quiz 13
    1. 自然界有兩個基本原則,其一為最小能量原則,另依為最少時間原則
      There are two basic principles in nature. One of them is minimum energy principle. The other is least time principle.
    2. 光從太陽到地球需時8分18秒
      It takes 8'18'' for light to travel from the sun to the earth.
      8'18" = eight minutes and eighteen seconds
    1. What is hard isn't fun. 難者無趣
      What is fun isn't hard. 趣者不難
    2. Edelweiss 雪絨花, 火絨草
      即為電影真善美(The sound of music)中所唱的小白花
      Edelweiss, Edelweiss
      Every morning you greet me
      Small and white
      Clean and bright
      You look so happy to meet me
      Blossom of snow . May you bloom and grow
      Bloom and grow forever
      Edelweiss, Edelweiss
      Bless my homeland forever

    3. When I worry and I can't sleep.
      I count my blessings instead of sheep and I fall asleep counting my blessings.
    4. The direction of induced electromotive force is such as to oppose the cause producing it.