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2010/01/06 Class Content

Quiz 17
  1. 每次我看到她,我都會認為她恍若下凡仙女
    Every time I saw her, I would think that she were a fairy whom God sent to this world.
  2. 吃東西時,切勿狼吞虎嚥
    Don't devour your food when(while) eating.
  1. 6 W 1 H
    who, when, where, what, which, why, how
  2. 我沒有筆寫
    I don't have a pen to write with.
    I don't have teeth to eat with.
  3. Nobody knows who he is, when he came here,
    where he is from, what he is,
    which way he chooses,
    why he came here and
    how important he is compound sentence.
    合句, compound sentence
    複句(句中有句), complex sentecne

  4. I know that the fish knows that I know that he is happy.

Homework #13
  1. Write a complex sentence with 6W1H
  2. A fairly intelligent fly, 寫一遍英文和中文翻譯