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2009/12/30 Class Content

Quiz 16
  1. 這位指導教授有廾個研究生,那位任他助教的研究生將於明年畢業
    The advisor has twenty graduate students. The graduate student who is his assistant will graduate next year.
  2. 你的錢可能被偷,但無人能搶走你的知識
    Your money might be stolen, but nobody can rob you of your knowledge.
Knowledge is knowing a fact,
wisdom is knowing how to use that fact.

2010 = twenty-ten = tw thound and ten
  1. Hard work will give you power;
    being lazy will make you slave.
    Proverb 12:24
  2. Your joy is your own; your bitterness
    is your own. No one can share them with you.
  3. It is your own face that you see reflected in the water. It is your ownself that you see in your heart.
  4. A family without children is like a house without furniture.
Homework #12
寫 "The end of the world"的中英文歌詞
Ref: The end of the world