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2009/10/14 Class Content

Quiz 5
  1. 把風轉為電是奇蹟
    It is a miracle to transform win to(into) electricity.
  2. 在你明年6月回來之前我將已畢業
    Before you come back in June next year,
    (By next June would you come back)
    I will have graduated.
  1. pin -> pine -> spine
    大頭針    松樹    脊椎
  2. The spine is the keel of the body.
    keel 龍骨(主要支撐)
    leek 韭菜
  3. Nature abhors vacuum.
    abhor 憎恨
    vacuum 真空
  4. anagram 變位字
  5. palindrome 迴文
  6. It is a miracle to (have) reclaim the tax.
    reclaim 在此為"變位字", 意指"申請收回"
  7. Be silent ! Listen!
    Listen 為 silent 的變位字

  8. 10 為迴文
    You can cage a swallow, can't you?
    But you can't swallow a cage, can you?
  9. tag question
  10. Girl bathing on bikini eyeing boy found
    boy eyeing bikini on bathing girl.
  11. 處處飛花非處處
  12. Combination & permutation
  13. It is miracle to have reclaimed the tax
  14. It is miracle to have reclaimed the tax you paid last year.
  15. dilation
Homework #1: 用手寫出至多 A4 一頁的 Anagram