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2009/09/22 Class Content

Nice to be here with you.
Let's begin a new.

1. 立規定,變習慣,成自然。
    Formulate a discipline
    Let it become habit
    Let it be natural

2. Mathermatics is a kind of language with rigorous grammar and vigorour representation.

3. F = ma
    force = mass acceleration
    Force is what makes an object accelerate.

4. 一尺之棰,日取其半,萬也不竭。 --春秋公孫龍
    If a one-foot stick is halved daily for even one million years, it will never vanish.

5. Yesterday is the past
    Tomorrow is the future
    Today is what we have now
    That's why it's called present
    Let's treasure what today offers us
    It's truly a present.