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2009/10/07 Class Content

Quiz 4
  1. 凡遲到者必受罰
    Anyone who comes late must be punished.
  2. 在你出生前,橋就已造好
    Before you were born, the bridge has been constructed.
名詞   代名詞   動詞     形容詞   副詞
(二形)  (四格)  (五變)   (三維)  (一式)
連接詞 介(係)詞 感嘆詞

  1. He works hard.
  2. He hardly works.
  3. Swimming is good for your health.
    Health is better than wealth.
    East or west, home is best.
  4. Too far east is west.
  5. 主格        受格  所有格  與格
    I   give   him   my    book.
  6. Why is "p" a false friend?
    Because "p" is the first in pity, but the last in help.
  7. When is a door not a door?
    When it is ajar(半開的).
  8. Nature is by God. 自然天所生
    Engineering is through man. 工程人所造
    Blend nature into engineering. 融自然於工程
    Integrate God into man. 合天理於人性
  9. Let bygones be bygones! 讓過去的過去
  10. Incomplete transitive verb.
    不完全          及物       動詞
(1)Let sleeping dog lie.
(2)Let him be here!
(3)Leave me alone!
(4)A man has 100 sheep and one of them gets lost what does he do?
He leave the other 99 sheep eating grass on the hillside and goes to look for the lost sheep.