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2009/11/10 Class Content

Quiz #9
  1. 昨天我若真是餓的話,我早就把它吃光了
    If I had been hungry yesterday, I would have eaten it up.
  2. 明天你若真會死,你會不會今天花光你所有的錢自我享受一番
    If you were to die tommorrow, would you spend all of your money enjoying yourself.
  1. similie, 明喻, 直喻
    metaphor, 暗喻, 隱喻
  2. Time does not exist in clocks and watches.
    God does not linger in temples and churches.
  3. The humo(u)r of God.
  4. greedy, 貪心
  5. stingy, 吝嗇
  6. priest, 牧師, 神父
  7. preach, 講道, 說教
  8. almighty, 全能的
  9. enternal, 進入
  10. prayer, 祈禱者(n.), 祈禱(v.)
  11. pious, 虔誠
Homework #5
1. Memory
2. The river never return
找"God has a sense of humor"主題的故事並用手寫下