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2009/10/27 Class Content

bald [a] 禿頭
bold [o] 勇氣
  1. proportion
    a/b = c/d,
    a over b is equal to c overd.
    a is to b as c is to d.
    a 之於 b 猶如 c 之於 d
    Trees ar to mountains as hair is to heads.
  2. 飢者易怒
    A hungry man is an angry man.
  3. Chain Reaction
(1) angry
(2) hungry
(3) eat
(4) sick
(5) sleep
(6) work
(7) make money
(8) buy a new car
(9) drive
(10) show off
(11) fool
(12) born a fool
  1. Even if you beat a fool to death, you cannot beat the foolishness out of him.