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2009/10/21 Class Content

Quiz 6:
  1. 他每天做研究工作是事實
    It is a fact that he does the research work every day.
  2. 明早我會穿著一件白襯衫在車站等你
    Tommorrow morning I will be wearing a white shirt waiting for you at the station.
I'm sorry I'm one minutes late this morning.
  1. Coding

    Thirty day have September, April, June and Novemer.
    All the rest have thirty-one.
    Except February alone which has eight day and a score.
    Till leap year give it on day more.

  2. Never put off till tommorrow what you can do today.
  3. Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.
                  n.         n.          n.          v.
  4. Albert Einstein: ==> ten elite brains.
    Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspration.
  5. When you are angry count ten before you speak.
    If very angry, one hundred.
  6. No hurry no worry.
  7. Who has see the wind
    Neither you and I
    but the tree bow down their heads
        the wind is passing by

    Who has see the wind
    Neither I and you
    but the leaf dithering
        the wind is passing through.
Homework 2:
將 footprints 內容分四段做美工,需圖文並茂,至少A4紙張大小,不限形式。