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The Discourse of Great Harmony(禮運大同篇)

Dr.Sun's inscription: The Discourse of Great Harmony

When the great way prevails, the world community is equally shared by all. The worthy and able are chosen as office holders. Mutual confidence is fostered and good neighborliness cultivated. Therefore people do not regard only their own parents as parents, nor do they treat only their own children as children. Provision is made for the aged till their death; the adults are given employment; and the young enabled to grow up. Windows and widowers, orphans, the old and childless as well as the sick and disabled are all well taken care of. Men have their proper roles and women their homes. While they hate to see wealth lying about on the ground, they do not necessarily keep it for their own use. While they hate not to exert their own effort, they do not necessarily devote it for their own ends. Thus evil scheming is repressed, and robbers, thieves and other lawless elements fail to arise. So that outer doors do not have to be shut. This is called "The Age of Great Harmony".